Diaper bag essentials

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Packing your diaper bag can be incredibly stressful, almost as much as realizing that you've forgotten to pack spare diapers! We've compiled a handy list of everything that you'll need in your diaper bag to stop you from forgetting anything vital as well as from over packing. Keep a note of the items in this list, and use it to double check your diaper bag before you head out for the day.

Diapers you'll need one diaper for every 2-3 hours that you plan to be out of the house, plus a couple of extras to be safe!

Wipes wipes are essential for nappy changes, dirty hands, dirty faces and general spills, don't be caught without them! An alternative is to pop a pack of cotton pads and a small bottle of water into your diaper bag if your little one is sensitive to wipes.

Changing mat the fold down, plastic changing tables in public toilets are useful, but you're going to want a clean and more comfortable layer between that surface and your baby. You can get portable mats that fold up small enough to fit into one of the pockets of your diaper bag, and can be wiped clean or put in the laundry.

Antibacterial hand gel because washing your hands whilst balancing your baby is not an easy task...

Clothes keep at least two complete outfits in your bag, including socks and shoes our Baby Moccasins (https://babymoccs.com/) are the perfect pair of spare shoes to keep in your diaper bag due to their soft material.

Hat a hat for warm or hot weather.

Blanket blankets are great for an extra warm layer, a cover for the stroller, or to use during breastfeeding.

Burp cloths burp cloths can be used as a bib, changing mat, wipe or breastfeeding cover always have a couple ready in your diaper bag.

Nail clippers cutting your baby's nails is not an easy task, and something that you'll only remember to do when you don't have a pair of nail clippers nearby. Keep a set in your diaper bag for when you find the perfect time to cut those tiny nails when you're out of the house.

Feeding gear if you're bottle feeding, don't forget formula and clean bottles!

Breast pads if you're breastfeeding keep some of these in your diaper bag at all times, especially in the first few weeks!

Sunscreen for babies over 6 months

Mom essentials don't forget your wallet, phone, keys and anything else that you might want to have with you.

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Diaper bag essentials

Packing your diaper bag can be incredibly stressful, almost as much as realizing that you've forgotten to pack spare diapers! We've compiled a handy list of everything that you'll need in your diaper bag to stop you from forgetting anything vital as well as from over packing. Keep a note of the ... more

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Diaper bag essentials

Packing your diaper bag can...